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Welcome to Wales iSAP

The UK Government is preparing a new version of the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) for the energy rating of dwellings. On 19th December, the Welsh Government published a consultation which includes proposed changes to the Building Regulations energy efficiency standards for new dwellings. To coincide with this, BRE published version 10.1 of the SAP specification, for consideration alongside the consultation. The consultation documents can be found here, and the latest SAP documents can be found here.

This website hosts a consultation software implementation of SAP 10.1. The purpose of providing this is to help stakeholders to see how the updated methodology and the proposed regulatory changes will work in practice. It is only a demonstration tool and should not be used for any official calculations. SAP 2012 continues to be the current method for all official calculations. Furthermore, there may be further changes to the methodology when it is finalised, following the consultation.

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The website for the iSAP software was created by BRE.